Faculty Publications

Dr. Joy Mueni

  • New media and political marketing in Kenya: The case of 2013 general elections
  • Our Pregnancy, My Choice: A Feminist Critique of Nerea

Martin Kuria

  • Establishing knowledge gap issues in Kenya: Why information for innovation on digital television is difficult to access among Jua Kali artisans
  • Challenges in the Production of Innovation Content for Engineering Artisans: Case Study of Media Producers in Nairobi, Kenya
  • Crisis communication strategies used in Kenya’s churches before during and after crises:The case of one local Church in Nairobi Countyhttp://www.socialsciencejournal.in/archives/2017/vol3/issue3/3-2-25
  • Crises experienced in church organizations: The case of Parklands Baptist Church Nairobi Kenya