The philosophy guiding this programme is founded on the conviction, belief and appreciation that the acquisition of knowledge must take cognizance of the ever changing media environment and tech-savvy era in order to produce graduates who can effectively address media issues and create content for the digital era in Kenya, Africa and the world. It is the conviction of Riara University (RU) that every person deserves information and this information can only be communicated effectively by adequately trained media practitioners. To achieve this goal, RU believes in nurturing professionally competent journalists who are ethical, morally and spiritually upright, of high integrity, dependable, committed, role models, critical and responsive to the fast changing society.

RU believes that these professionally trained journalists will contribute positively by giving members of the public credible, accurate and timely information and by extension transform lives the people at the County, National, Regional and International levels. This programme is thus anchored on a practical orientation. It embraces the challenges which are faced by contemporary journalism where a journalist is today required to be part writer, photographer, video maker, and sound expert as well as being able to edit and assemble media in an online multimedia platform. The degree prepares graduates to become professional graduates for the digital platform as well as equip them with skills and competencies needed to work and excel in this rapidly changing field.